VA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a VA?

A: A Virtual Assistant is
  •     an offsite business support partner
  •     an Virtual Office Assistant
  •     an Remote Access Office Assistant
  •     an Administrative Secretarial Support Entrepreneuer
  •     an independent contractor
  •     works from their home office using remote access
  •     uses their own equipment
  •     handles their own taxes
  •     handles their own health benefits
  •     They are not on your payroll!

Q: What are the different services Virtual Assistance offers?

A: The possibilities are endless!
  •     Accounting Support
  •     Administrative Support
  •     Bankruptcy Processing
  •     Bookkeeping
  •     Competitive Intelligence
  •     Consulting
  •     Coaching
  •     Concierge
  •     Database Management
  •     Desktop Publishing
  •     Editing/Proofreading
  •     Event Planning
  •     Excel Speadsheet(s)
  •     Genealogy Research
  •     Ghostwriting
  •     Hardware/Software Support
  •     Incoming Call Center Work
  •     Legal Transcription
  •     Mailing Services
  •     Marketing
  •     Media Releases
  •     Medical Coding
  •     Medical Transcription
  •     Multimedia Presentations
  •     Payroll Services
  •     Power Point Presentations
  •     Programming
  •     Project Management
  •     Proofreading
  •     Real Estate Agent Support
  •     Receptionist
  •     Research & Information Retrieval
  •     Telephone Support
  •     Traditional / Internet Research
  •     Word Processing
  •     Web Hosting and Design

Q: Why is the VA industry so attractive?

A: See list below
  •     No commuting!
  •     GREEN solution - It's Earth Day Everyday!
  •     Less wear and tear on the automobile
  •     Less car maintenance and fuel costs
  •     No expensive business clothing costs
  •     Be your own boss
  •     Are you a DAV (Disable American Veteran)?
  •     Are you NO LONGER able to drive and ARE NOT near public transportation?
  •     Are you a military spouse and a stay-at-home mom?
  •     Are you the primary caregiver for an elderly family member
  •     or special needs child?
There is a great support among VAs. They help each other. If one VA does does not handle a specific administrative tast, they can locate a VA who does. While each of them is an entrepreneur, many have partnered together so that when a VA is unavailable, they sub-contractor each other to cover an absence.

Q: Do VAs work Full-time or Part-time?

A: Both. Some VAs are still in the standard workforce and are supplementing their income as a part-time Virtual Assistant.

Q: How does a VA get paid?

A: Virtual Assistants may request payment in one of five ways
  •     PAYPAL
  •     Bank Certified Check
  •     Direct Deposit via Paypal by email
  •     Money Order
  •     Personal Checks

Q: How often can I use a Virtual Assistance?

A: As often as you wish. Some clients request services
  •     No more than 10 hours a month
  •     Weekly
  •     By project
  •     Daily
  •     Quarterly
  •     Over 10 hours a month
  •     Over 20 hours a month
  •     Over 30 hours a month

Q: Do VAs have Educational Degrees?

A: VAs have various ranges of education just like any other entrepreneur or employee in the corporate workforce.
Many continue to train and enhance their skills. Many never got to go to college and learned what they know on the job. Remember, its not what you know, its who knows what you do!

Q: Do VAs do volunteer work?

A: Yes, they do! They volunteer their time in many ways. VAs have big hearts.

Q: When did the VA industry start?

A: As early as the 1980s.
Military wives wanted to supplement their families income and be able to be employed while their spouses were on detail. They found it difficult to find and occupation and keep it especially when their military spouse moved bases every couple years.
Military spouses discovered Administrative Secretarial Assistant Services from home with the Internet came possibilities.

Q: Do colleges offer coursework for the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry?

A: Yes.
There are two in Ohio
  •     Owens College, near Toledo, Ohio
  •     Raymond Walters College, near Cincinnati, OH - has partnered with the University of Cincinnati

Q: Have VAs worked in the Corporate Life?

A: Yes. Most the VAs in service today have been affected by the term "corporate restrucure" or "downsizing" several times. They decided to take their experiences and apply them to a different industry, Some opted to take on the role of the "temp to hire". Others had family responsibilities to care for an elderly family member or a special needs child or adult. For the number of Administrative Assistants in the United States, there are just not enough occupations to handle the volume.

Q: Do VAs work locally?

A: Yes. The VA industry is the "green" solution. There are no boundaries. A VA can be 4 miles from their client or 4,000 miles from their client. A VA in Ohio could service a client in California.

Q: Where are VAs located?

A: All over the world!
  •     United States
  •     Canada
  •     Italy
  •     India
  •     New Zealand
  •     Austrailia
  •     Japan
  •     Philippines
  •     Many of the military spouses focus and handle International clients. Others, focus on only on the USA or Canada.

Q: Do VAs ever come to a client's place of business?

A: Yes. Virtual Assistants and Virtual Consultants do "some" work at the client's place of business but most of the work is done away from their clients..

Q: What types of clients do Virtual Assistants service?

A: The possibilities are endless!
  •     Accountants
  •     Artists
  •     Athletes
  •     Authors
  •     Bed & Breakfasts
  •     Campground Owners
  •     Chamber of Commerce
  •     Churches / Church Plants
  •     Class Reunions
  •     Coaches
  •     Construction Companies
  •     Crafters
  •     Engineers
  •     Entertainers
  •     Family Reunions
  •     Freelance Writers
  •     Deaf / Blind Citizens
  •     Ghostwriters
  •     Full-time RVers
  •     Historical Societies
  •     Lawyers
  •     Medical Doctors
  •     Missionaries
  •     Musicians
  •     Non-Profit Associations
  •     Non-Profit Organizations
  •     Other Virtual Assistants
  •     Pastors
  •     Paralegals
  •     Private Investigators
  •     Professors
  •     Publishers
  •     Real Estate Agents
  •     Speakers
  •     Travel Agents
  •     Web Designers
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