For the consumer

What kind of unique goods and services are you looking to purchase? I am a craft show attender. One who believes in the small business owner, the people who are making our local economy better by creating and selling their unique products or services.

It is my goal to provide customers for those small (home-based) businesses - a door of opportunity to market their products & services. These are the entrepreneurs who have imagination! Home-made products and services made of different textures and materials.

There are treasures out there! You the consumer just needs to know who to contact and where to find them. I gather business cards everywhere I go. When I see a crafter product or service that has me impressed - I keep the research information on hand. When I see a show location a crafter may need to consider - I keep the information on hand. Think of me as your personal research scout.
  • costs of admission to the different shows.
  • gathering the show location, com
  • cost of the drive to the different shows in the area.
  • pany, crafter / entrepreneur, product, cost & service information for you.
  • Contact me, let me help you find the missing entrepreneurs (CRAFTERS / ARTISTS) with whom you may have lost contact, or you have been able to locate.
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