Information Research Specialist

Information Research Specialist

What kind of information do you seek?
Do you have the information research blues?
Not everything can be located and found on the Internet.

In most cases, project information is not available to the general public. The information can only be found on Professional online databases. These are databases where the information is “locked-down”. These databases are off-limits to the general public due to sensitive data. Let a Research & Information Specialist do the work for you!

Types of Research:
  • Auditor’s Office in the County Court House
  • Finding the unique goods (CRAFTERS) & services of small business entrepreneurs in the area.
  • These are small businesses who may or may not have websites.
  • Finding the "awesome" festival locations for Crafter businesses
  • Genealogy research.
  • Manual Public Record Research.
  • Special Library Sources
  • Professional Online research
  • Finding a treasures of the past via flea markets, etc
  • Information of the past shows can show up anywhere!

Project Estimates:

Do you know exactly what your project entails? Do you have a fixed limited budget? The work can be completed within your budget. Contact me.

Once in contact with our client it is imperative to determine the project needs and what may or may not be available at the time the project research is completed. On occasion, a fixed price can be offered to cover your project. A lot depends on what is found and the costs of each of the online systems, or the court house records costs. Costs that I encounter while doing a project – fluctuates due situations beyond my control. I am providing you with a estimated cost presuming the project does not take me in unplanned directions.

The more detailed the research, costs can be a major concern to both the researcher and the client. For larger or extended “contingency” projects, the cost of research could be much higher. The "contingency" costs would include expenses incurred on the client’s behalf. The standard IRS mileage rate is used. Please contact me so that I can discuss your project in further detail.

If the preliminary project estimate is too small: EOPS LLC will advise the client either by way of written communication: e-mail or typed letter. The final cost is never known ahead of time.

EOPS LLC, will be in constant contact with the client throughout the project.
  • A client can request a time limit for any research project, doing so, client must pre-pay 10% of the not-to-exceed budget for any research project.
  • Results of the research will not be released to the client until payment has been received.
  • In some cases once NEPS receives payment by check, NEPS reserves the right to contact the financial institution of the client to ensure there are available funds.
Contact me to discuss your project.

Mileage rates - IRS standard

Disclaimer: EOPS LLC is not responsible for what is not found. There are no guarantees that the information being sought is out there. I cannot promise ahead of time that I will find the information you seek, the client will still be billable for my time, labor and expenses. The client needs to be content with what has been found.
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