Website Creation & Content Maintenance

Website Creation & Content Maintenance

Don't think you need website presence? Think again!

If you are a business owner or association, you should have a website presence. The White & Yellow Pages are going away. Telephone companies have elected to save expenses by NOT printing telephone directories - so if you want to be found - website presence is necessary. Especially - if you have people in your networking groups who are unable to participate in Facebook, etc.

We have working knowledge of MS Small Office Live & 1&1 Website Host Packages.

We can create & do content maintenance of your website if you have No time.

No time to test your website? Do people understand your website? Contact me, Ever heard the phrase, "a few sets of eyes are better than one?". The OASIS has - and let's other business owners critique updates.

Maybe your website need a neutral role player - an "end user" to test your website. I like to think of myself a the typical end user; I like to click around and see what's there. Like you, I am a consumer, some times the site makes sense and other times it does not. If a site does make sense or turns me off in some way, I do not return! I am sure I am not alone. I will click around your web site and give you "my viewpoint" typewritten in a report form of my experience on your website.
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