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Hard-to-find Lebanon Daily News Obituaries?

If the answer is YES, I may be able to assist you!

Lebanon Daily News Obituaries
& Obituary Abstracts,
Lebanon Valley, PA 1992— 2000
(We have Lebanon Daily News obituaries, births listings, weddings, & marriage licenses listings
AFTER the Year 2000 too!)
Do you need help locating hard-to-find obituaries from the Lebanon Valley Pennsylvania Area? Counties in Lebanon Valley PA include: Dauphin, Schuylkill, Berks, Lancaster, and Lebanon. Did your relatives have an obituary? Somestimes yes, sometimes no.
I am a descendant of Lebanon Valley, Pennsylvania. I have taken the Lebanon Daily News for many years ($$$). I may still have the obituary in tact; or, I may have typed up an obituary abstract for this individual. I am not parting with the obituaries; I am sharing the information from within the obituaries.

Let me help you avoid the following:
  •     Automobile maintenance expenses.
  •     Broken Microfilm readers.
  •     Closed facilities, they changed their schedule, you were unaware!
  •     College students who have right-of-way to the microfilm readers 7 days a week.
  •     Detours.
  •     Fuel costs!
  •     No rental car!
  •     Not enough microfilm readers.
  •     Parking garage fees (including parking meters).
  •     Paying to use the facilities when you are a non-member.
  •     Money that could have been used to pay for the photocopies!
  •     Road construction.
  •     TRAFFIC Accidents.
  •     No more newspaper subscriptions where you learn after 7 - days the obituaries are no longer available online, anywhere!
I want to assist others who do not want to fight the same issues I have in the past. Contact me, the subject line should read: LEBANON DAILY NEWS OBITUARY RESEARCH. Please include name, address, telephone number including area code, and e-Mail address (if any).
Obituary Flat Rate Research Fees available in tiers:

Up to ten (10) obituaries $25
Up to twenty (20) obituaries $75

More than twenty (20) obituaries? Contact me. 
Keep in mind a 4-hour research block = $100
The flat rate research levels include: photocopying costs, shipping, handling, and postage. This flat rate obituary research fee applies only to Lebanon Daily News Obituaries!

We also have the Birth Notices, Funeral Notices, Marriage Applications listings, Funeral Notices, Engagements, & Anniversary announcements from the Lebanon Daily News.
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