Genealogy Testimonials

June 2008. Book author, Richard Edmond Miller writer of 'A History of The John Bowman Family (Johannes Bauman) and The Henry Miller Family of Eastern Pennsylvania' 

"...Many, many people have graciously contributed their research and data to this history, and I have tried to acknowledge each of them in the sections where their contributions appear. They are a diverse group, living in such states as Pennsylvania, Utah, New York, Ohio, Texas, and others, yet we all share the same bond of love of family and a deep interest in our family lineage. However, I would be remiss if I didn't single out the following key persons who contributed so much of their time and energy to this effort: Melvin R. Bowman, Howard C. Bowman, Thomas B. Bowman, Krista Gable, S. Kay Miller"

6 Aug 2007 6:46PM GMT Comment found on Rootsweb 

  "....I wanted to make this reply in case someone was going to help me. I found info about his obit thanks to Krista K. Gable who had posted some obit info. Thanks to her and her work I have more clues. I'm trying to work backwards on Russell LAYSER....the info from the obit to see if anyone else connects. Theresa.Griffiths" 

Book Authors, Clerice Fisher & Ron Fernsler, of the Fernsler/Farnsler Family Reunion. Mar 2003
"Posterity of Johann Phillip & Maria Barbara Fernsler (Farnsler, Fensler, Fansler) -.Acknowledgments.....There were many, many others, and here is where I'll probably miss someone or two...Krista K. Gable...all of whom shared records well beyond their beyond their own immediate family, making a valuable contribution to the family history for their families."

Family members of the Heimerdinger Reunion, Jul 1995  

"Krista tri-authored a family history book entitled, "Heimerdinger". She collected and cataloged 16 years worth of genealogical data and transcribed historical documents before the book was compiled. The Historical book was completed in a "limited print" to historical societies, special libraries and family members. The historical book was submitted to the Michigan State Library, Lansing, MI; Bentley HIstorial Library, Ann Arbor, MI; Clinton Public Library, Clinton MI; Manchester Historical Society and Manchester Public Library, both located in Manchester, Washtenaw County, MI. She is the family historian for the Heimerdinger Family Reunion as well as another family reunion in another state."
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