From Former Colleagues

Testimonials from former National City Bank Colleagues

"I access the company system via CiscoVPN from remote locations. My CiscoVPN equipment began to display incorrect passwords. It was late in the day when I called back to work out my log-on issues. Krista was on her way out the door but stayed to handle my issue. I had my replacement equipment and was logged into the system the next morning before 9AM". 

- S.D., Missouri, Oct 2005

"I just wanted to follow-up with your regarding Krista. I sent out a peer to peer award for her, but that is nothing compared to the amount of help she has been to me. I have called on her numerous times and she has always come through for me, even when it wasn't her department. It is good to know that there are people out there that live the "brand" internally as well as externally. Her help has been tremendous.“ 

- A.B., Detroit, MI, Apr 2005

"Krista went above and beyond her normal duties by personally delivering replacement remote access equipment when the original equipment was defective. This timely replacement of the equipment allowed me to complete critical work required for a pending project deadline".

- N.Y., Highland Hills, OH, Mar 2005

"Thank you for your eMail. Your follow-up and customer service is you want a job in Private Banking?“

- N.E.F., Columbus, OH, Dec 2004

"Excel Award Nomination...for Efficiencies Improvement Award as a Project Team member for Employee VPN Remote Access System".

- Nominated by G.W. & C.D., VPs, Cleveland OH Dec 2004

"Thanks so much for the QUICK delivery of the Remote Access CD. Allowed us to try it out on 4 people in 1 week. Your responsiveness was great! IS Values on the Spot: Energy & Excitement, Boundary-less, Velocity, Client Success, Meritocracy, Stretch“

- D.M., Ishpeming, MI (Upper Peninsula, Michigan), Aug 2003

"Krista is a Champion! She played an important role in helping an employee who experienced an emergency get equipped with remote access equipment. Krista faced adversity in both administration and the timeliness in which this needed to be completed and she persevered in both arenas. She is a value to her team and to the
company as a whole. A perfect example of "Living the Brand". 

- M.A., Cleveland OH, Sep 2002

"Krista is a Champion! She took the time, upon receipt of my call back to thoroughly explain and inform me of 
current and future use of remote access do to a recent request I made to change my level of service. Because
of the patience and time that Krista gave to me I was able to consider my options and make a more
appropriate choice for myself which in turn will significantly impact my work for the positive. The accountability, 
respect and friendliness show to me by Krista has taught me how the "brand promise" is truly being lived
throughout the company! Thank You!“

- V.O., Indiana, Sep 2002

"Being on the road, I really need computer access. I had not been able to get on the company system since the
new remote access system was setup. Krista worked with me and followed-up to ensure I was able to use the

- A.E.G., Illinois/Indiana, Jan 2002

"Krista was a part of the Outlook Web Access implementation project team. The entire OWA project team 
spent slightly over a year diligently working to design and implement a web-based email tool that provides
Increased productivity, cost savings, and mobility to the workforce. The team members overcame the
challenges of working on multiple efforts simultaneously, working long hours to meet deadlines, providing the
best technology in the most secure manner, designing the most efficient and effective infrastructure to support
the application and providing excellent customer service to a wide range of clients. Each member made
significant contributions to the success of this Project and all participants are to be commended for their efforts“

- B.J.S. on behalf of R.A.V.E. (Reward a Valued Employee), Nov 2001, Cleveland OH - Nov 2001

"Krista is a Champion! Thanks for always treating our staff / department with extra special attention! We know
we can count on your for a quick response. Many thanks!“

- M.H., Cleveland & Brecksville OH, Oct 2001

"Krista is a Champion! Employees like you are a blessing! Last week, Krista K. Gable helped me processing
paperwork for one of our NEW officers. This is not the first time that she interceded. She is knowledgeable,
generous in sharing what she knows, and always going the extra mile! My supervisors were pleased with how
promptly I completed the task - it was thanks to Krista!“

- A.M.G-G., Oct 2001

"Krista Gable has continuously helped myself and the members of Field Services countless times in resolving
issues that arise with remote access. Personally, I call upon Krista to provide me with remote access 
information and setup packets for the Executive staff. Krista fills these requests without question or delay".

- S.A.A., Cleveland OH, Jun 2001

"I want to recognize Krista Gable for going the extra her outstanding effort in assuming the new 
responsibility of setting up new remote access users. She has in addition provided excellent customer service
and support to theses users. Krista is also learning the product / application to help her better support the

- G.R.R., Dec 2000

"I would like to commend and recognize Krista Gable for the value added services she provides to the entire I/S 
Group. She very carefully and diligently completes and tracks the contract labor forms and setups, forming a
"centralized" protection of their LAN, building, and sign on access to systems".

- J.E., Strongsville OH, Aug 1999

"I just want to take a moment to thank you for the format you use when sending CC:mail memos to me
 regarding contractor listings/setups. Your thoroughness means (by listing) locator numbers, extensions,
 locations, etc) helps me to process the forms faster and means I do not have to call them to find out their
 locations, etc. Thanks again for your thoroughness.“

- J.R., Cleveland OH, Mar 1999
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