Ohio Genealogy Research

Ohio Genealogical Research

Do you have distant relatives
that passed through Northern Ohio?

If the answer is YES, an OASIS
may be able to assist you!
As a resident of Northern Ohio, I have the privilege of residing in an area rich in culture and customs. This area is rich in INTERNATIONAL flavor. Many nationalities have passed through the area, looking for greater opportunities in occupation. Steel making, ship building, car manufacturing were the main attractions.
Over the years, I have been asked to gather pictures of headstones, locate obituaries, go to the Public Libraries, Historical Societies (in my area, see the list below), or look at U.S. Census images through my subscription to Ancestry.com. I handle the cost of the subscription so you do not have the expense. Northern Ohio Local Counties: Lucas, Ottawa, Huron, Erie, Cuyahoga, Medina & Summit.
I gather the facts and documentation on your behalf. It is up to you to piece together your family tree. If I notice something unique about what I gathered, I will not this to you. Keep in mind a 4-hour block is $100 an equivalent of or $25 per hour.
Note: A client can request a time and budget limit for any research project, doing so, client must prepay 10% of the not-to-exceed budget for any research project. Please contact me for further discussion.
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